Past Activities


April 23, 2011

Easter Dressage and Jumper Training Competition and Fun Day

  • Saturday April 23rd: Dressage AM - Jumper PM

Time schedule:

  • 9am-10am - Arena Schooling
  • 10am-12 noon - Dressage Tests
  • 12:30-1:30pm - Arena Schooling
  • 1:30pm-4pm - Jumping Classes


  • Entries by email or fax (819) 455-2773 due Thurs April 21st
  • VHF Competition Entry Form
  • Entries will be limited to 30 horse/rider combinations including VHF participants
  • Entries are accepted on a fist come first served basis
  • Entries for outside participants are: $20/class, $10/repeating classes + taxes
  • Entries for VHF students $10/class, $5/repeating class + taxes
  • Participants may enter a class more than once (repeating class see above) with first score to count for prizes
  • We regret to state that there are no stalls or paddocks available to outside participants
  • Trailers and tow vehicles will be parked along the driveway as fields are still wet
  • Riders and horses will be allowed to school in the arena for 1 hour at 9am and noon, on both days
  • Riders and horses will also be allowed to school in the small outdoor sand ring and on the farm lane
  • Proof of negative Coggins tests dated in 2011/2010 are required


(See the Links page for dressage tests)

  1. Cadora Walk/Trot Test A
  2. Canadian Eventing Entry Dressage Test 1
  3. Canadian Eventing Pretraining Dressage Test 1
  4. Canadian Eventing Training Dressage Test 2
  5. Canadian Eventing Preliminary Dressage Test 1


  7. Cross Rails Jumper Equitation: Maximum .5m (20"/1'8")
  8. Jumper Equitation: Maximum .75m (29"/2'5")
  9. Optimal Time Jumper: Maximum .85m (33"/2'9").Time closest to 300m/min wins
  10. Meter Jumper: maximum 1m (3'3"). Immediate Jump Off
  11. 3Bars Puissance .75m height to start: Warm-Up Jump & Triple Combination.    Repeating rounds

Entries due Thursday April 21st. List of classes and rider/horse names for this show are preferred sent by email to: