Past Activities

Black horse

Hallowe'en Fun Show & Treasure Hunt on Horseback

October 28th, 2013
10am - 1pm

Treasure Hunt Starts at 1:30pm

Fees: $10/class, $15/Treasure Hunt Team

Class List:
#1. Costume Class Novice Rider Walk Trot
#2. Costume Class Novice Rider Walk Trot Canter
#3. Spooky Cross Rails Jumping
#4. Scary .5m-.75m Jumping
#5. XC Treasure Hunt Teams of 3

Class #5 Treasure Hunt: like an old fashioned 'Paper Chase' with teams of three (one member can be unmounted). Each team is given a first clue and directions to the next hidden clue. After collecting an artifact found with each of the 3 hidden clues, the team races to the finish line. All 3 artifacts must be in the possession of the team at the finish. Jumping fences is allowed at will, but is not mandatory. Costumes are encouraged! Names of teams necessary!

Please contact Debbie Schnubb 819.243.1204 for details or add your name to the sign up sheets in the VHF stable office

Refreshments and snacks served afterwards in the Music Hall

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