Competition Memberships


Please be advised that ALL COMPETITORS, OWNERS AND RIDERS at Venturing Hills are requested to become members of the provincial equestrian associations listed below for liability insurance reasons.

For leisure or competitive riding, a provincial membership is now required at VHF in general and especially for participation in all competitions. The fees for membership are very reasonable and the insurance coverage is extensive due to the group rates. We recommend that you become a member in the province of your permanent residence.



All competitors must…

Information for each level in eventing…

  • For pre-entry, entry and pre-training divisions: Bronze EC sport license
  • For training division: Silver EC sport license AND EC national passport for your horse
  • For preliminary and up: Gold EC sport license AND EC national or FEI passport for your horse

*** It is not necessary to purchase your Provincial Equestrian Association membership and Provincial Horse Trials Association membership in both provinces. You are allowed to compete in Ontario and have only your Quebec memberships (Cheval Quebec and ACCCQ). You can also upgrade your EC sport license anytime.

Therefore, I recommend each competitor to get their bronze EC sport license with the EC Eventing membership (option that you can add when you purchase your license online), Cheval Quebec membership and ACCCQ membership.

The riders who will need to upgrade to a silver EC sport license and to get their EC Horse Passport to move up to training level will be informed in due time to avoid unnecessary fees. ***

Useful link for general information about eventing (rules, schedule, etc.) :