Venturing Hills Farm offers two main boarding services; Regular Board and Training Board. Future plans at the farm include year round Outside Board with shelter, water and supplemental hay, for limited numbers of ponies and horses.

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Regular Inside Board
  • Rubber mats and wood shavings are used as bedding
  • Each horse has 2 water buckets per stall for monitoring of intake
  • Free choice, high quality hay is provided 24 hours a day, and outside in the winter months
  • Choice of several different grains or our custom mix offered
  • Grain fed 3 times a day as needed
  • Minerals, Cobalt Salt, Electrolytes, Selenium/E, and individual supplements
  • Standard daily individual turn-out; when requested paired pasture mates are accommodated
  • Daily turn-out is extended for as long as possible, horse comfort, calmness considered
  • Large and medium sized grass paddocks
  • Blankets, fly-sheets, fly-masks, boots are applied without cost, as needed
  • To reduce stress from heat and flies, summer turn out starts at 6am, also offered at night
  • Comfortable tack rooms and private tack/equipment storage units
  • Full medical supply room and individual medication shelves for individual care
  • Regular medications and treatments available at no charge or minimal cost
  • Laundry services available on request (non-blanket items)
  • Trunk storage
  • Full service office (fax, scan, copier, internet)
  • Facilitated and managed Farrier and Veterinary visits and services
  • Several hundred acres for hacking and training
  • Cross country obstacles available for training, Introduction up to Preliminary level
  • Show jumps
  • 40 year old turf jumping field with natural obstacles
  • Indoor arena 24m x 50m
  • Outdoor fenced young horse/rider ring 25m x 45m
  • Large outdoor stone dust pad/ring 30m x 70m
Training Board

This service is suggested for a variety of reasons the most important being to train or retrain a horse to be a safer or more manageable animal for the owner/rider, or in preparation for sale or lease. Secondary consideration but of serious importance is overall fitness and adequate exercise conducive for a quiet and satisfied animal especially during longer absences of the owner/rider responsible for the animal.


  • Option A: 20 'schooling' sessions/mo (lunging, riding – average 5x/wk)
  • Option B: 15 'schooling' sessions plus 5 lessons/mo
  • Option C: Any combination of rides and lessons, up to 5 lessons total and 15 rides total

Fees : please contact for further information

Outside Board

Here at VHF, we can accommodate a limited number of horses and ponies boarding outside. We often have a waiting list for horses. We keep a reduced number of horses and ponies living together to ensure as safe an environment as possible for the horses under our care. We generally do not mix mares with geldings but keep our outside communities gender homogeneous. Compatibility with pasture mates is a critical component in order to ensure that each animal thrives in the sharing of space, hay, water, pasture and shelter.

All three paddock/field options for outside board include:

  • a fresh source of water,
  • salt, minerals,
  • either excellent hay with pasture or
  • excellent quality hay only, for horses/ponies prone to laminitis;
  • and occasionally we will feed grain once a day for a limited period of time for those which need additional calories or nutrients.

Fees : please contact for further information


Young or green horses/ponies that are unbroken or unpredictable and/or un-established in their basic training are expected to be on training board for safety reasons for the riders and the animals.

Outside horses and ponies can be partly or fully leased

Outside horses and ponies can be on contract with VHF to be used in lessons