Full-Leases and Part-Leases are excellent options for both owners and non-owners. For riders who do not own a horse/pony and who would like to compete, or ride regularly; 2- 3x/wk, Leases or Part-Leases are becoming popular at VHF and throughout the industry.

As well as providing a shared horse for a non-owner, Lease arrangements with VHF and/or privately owned horses, assist in keeping the horse or pony well exercised, and help in defraying maintenance costs. The Lessee or non-owner also avoids the necessity of having to purchase a horse. Lease-to-Purchase arrangements, Lease payments if applied, can be credited towards the agreed upon purchase price of the horse

Specific arrangements vary according to the individuals concerned. Leases are highly individualized agreements and vary greatly. Any Lease arranged between individual VHF clients must be done in collaboration with VHF management, a copy of the Agreement must be on file with us. The following are a sample of the different types of Leases we offer, listed in decreasing commitment categories;


Lessee has full use of horse (private or VHF owned) for leisure and/or competitive purposes.
*Contract required.

Part-Lease 3x/wk

Lessee shares the use of the horse with owner (private or VHF owned) for leisure and/or moderate competitive purposes.
*Contract required

Part-Lease 2x/wk

Geared to the novice rider needing monitoring, Lessee shares the use of the horse with owner (private or VHF owned) for leisure rides normally under supervision or in a lesson, and/or light competitive purposes.
*Contract suggested but not required.

VHF Monthly Lease 1x/wk

To facilitate scheduling and use of horses, and with added savings to the rider with a modified rate, this monthly arrangement rather than weekly commitment, is preferred by VHF. To encourage this among students we have the following option available for riders wishing to ride 1x/wk.
*Contract suggested but not required.

Fees are paid in advance on the first of each month or four week cycle and include 4 lessons + Use Fees + taxes with a $15 savings per month:

  • Child -  $185/month plus taxes
  • Youth - $225/month plus taxes
  • Adult -  $265/month plus taxes

VHF can provide clients with legal and binding Part-Lease or Full-Lease Agreements, detailed, individually tailored to meet the needs of both parties.
Fee: $250.

Sales & Purchases

Sales and purchases of horses/ponies agented for clients of by VHF will be subject to a 10% commission fee unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

For further information regarding VHF horses for sale or lease please contact: 613.863.4598

Thank you