Current Pricing: Group & Individual

(All prices shown are per lesson and taxes are extra)

  • $75 Private; $52.50 Semi-private or Group - with owned or leased horse/pony
  • $75 or $50 + Use Fee* - without owned or leased horse/pony

*Use Fees: For students who do not own or lease their horse or pony, Venturing Hills Farm makes available for use, VHF and privately contracted horses/ponies for boarders, visitors and students at the rates shown below plus taxes:

  • Adult:............................. $30
  • Youth 12-18yrs:........... $25
  • Child under 12yrs....... $17

Use fees are not charged to students who do not own their horse or pony in the following cases;

  • When students have leased a VHF or privately owned horse/pony
  • When students own or leased a horse/pony but that animal is lame or ill, for up to 4 weeks
  • When students have a private arrangement for use of a privately owned horse/pony

Please see SERVICE/Leases for more information on Lease Agreements.

VHF TRAINERS: Other professional training services
  • Lunge Lesson $52.50 (20-35 min)
  • Training Hack or training ride - $50
  • XC Lesson - $65 group; $80 private (75-90 min)
  • Supervised rides - N/C
Lesson Policies:
  • The initial lesson at VHF is free of charge and is considered an assessment for safety and technical ability purposes.
  • Lessons will be billed at the end of each month and are subject to taxes.
  • No refund for missed lessons
Sharing Horses at VHF

Boarders, lessees, owners can arrange privately or with our management to have their horse or pony ridden family or friends. VHF encourages occasional but supervised use of horses and ponies by 'non- owner', 'VHF alumni' or friends, for lessons, fun, experience and education, or to assist in exercising the animal. VHF sincerely appreciates and encourages the occasional use of boarder's horses for teaching purposes with all students.

Minors under the age of 16 and beginner level riders must ride under the supervision of a member of Farm teaching staff at all times for reasons of safety.

Charges for the use of 'non-owner' riders should be arranged on an individual basis and can mature into Part or Full Lease arrangements if the owner is interested in such.


Family members, friends and visitors of clients are welcome to ride or bring their horses to Venturing Hills Farm at anytime. Arrangements should be made in advance and must be approved by the management. Riders must sign a waiver prior to a lesson, ride, or using the cross country course or the facility. For reasons of safety all inexperienced riding guests, including all children under the age of 16, must be supervised by an instructor/coach for their first ride at the farm.

  • Visitor/Facility Fee - $25 general facilities, $65 cross country courses