Horse/Pony Training

Horse/pony training services not primarily carried out by the owner include riding, lunging, hacking, and breaking (long-lining, and backing) sessions with horses and/or ponies are called 'schooling' sessions and are carried out by our staff. The following is a break down of options.

VHF Regular Board Options

Inside Board - Horses & Ponies - $780/mo plus taxes

Outside Board - Horses: $510/mo plus taxes

Outside Board - Ponies: $387/mo plus taxes

Training Board Options

This service is suggested for a variety of reasons the most important being to train or retrain a horse to be a safer or more manageable animal for the owner/rider, or in preparation for sale or lease. Secondary consideration but of serious importance is overall fitness and adequate exercise conducive for a quiet and satisfied animal especially during longer absences of the owner/rider responsible for the animal.

There are two programs offered at VHF; "Inside Training Board", and "Outside Training Board".

Inside Training Board


  • Option A: 20 'schooling' sessions/month (lunging, riding, hacking - 5x / week)
  • Option B: 15 'schooling' sessions plus 5 owner/lessee lessons/month
  • Fee: $1500/month plus taxes
  • Individual preferences can also be arranged regarding number of lessons and or training sessions carried out with the owner or lessee
Outside Training Board


  • 12 schooling sessions/month (lunging, riding, hacking 3x / week)
  • Additional lessons can also be arranged or possibly substituted for the usual training sessions depending on the discretion of the owner/lessee
  • Fee: $800/month plus taxes
Professional Schooling Rides

Single 'schooling' sessions can be arranged and are carried out by a member of our teaching or riding staff, arranged on a singular, weekly or a monthly basis. Please see Section C 'Training Board' of our Boarding and Training Agreement.

Fee options:

  • Head Trainer - L. Laframboise : $65/hour ride or fraction accordingly
  • Assistant Trainers - Mireille Bilodeau : $65/hour ride or fraction accordingly
  • Student riders assigned by L. Laframboise : $45/ride
* Competent Student Schooling & Competition Ride

Single sessions carried out by a student (working student or other) under the supervision of a coach or instructor. Fees should be established, and appropriate rider nominated, prior to the schooling session or competition.

Competition Training Ride options:

  • Assistant Trainers : $35/day or $20/class, Event Ride (3 disciplines) : $75/day
  • Competent Student: No charge for training or competition ride – mutually beneficial