What our clients say…

Andrea Goffart
former student, new farm owner, mother of Eva, VHF Kids Camp participant,

March 2011

Hello All,

I am forwarding this message to you in case you have school age budding equestrians and or horse lovers at home (or you know some)  who would like to participate in 'the best riding and pony camp ever' (according to my daughter, Eva) during the March break (Feb 28 to March 4).

Please forward to anyone in your circle of friends who may be interested or know someone who may be interested. (thanks!)

The value added of this camp is that kids learn from horse professionals and get quality kid-friendly well supervised horse and pony experience. There is nothing that compares to this in the Aylmer - luskville area.

Please read the message below (from Lorraine Laframboise, of VHF/Farm of the Mountain, former Olympic coach) for details - this is a great way for young people to gain early experience with ponies and horses and learn the basics in the company of their peers. I highly recommend it!!!!

Andrea Goffart If you want to speak to me.
VHF alumni, horse owner and mother of a budding equestrian also VHF alumni.

Alexei O'Connor
boarder/owner of Fleet & Pumpkin, mother of Harrison and Sophie.

Hi Korah, Lorraine and Deb,

I just wanted to send a great big THANK YOU to you all for a great week.

It was the kids first camp ever and they LOVED it!!!

They had sooo much fun. I think despite the fact they ride every week that they really made some strides this week. They both had some hurtles to deal with (Pumpkin wanting to "join up" with every other horse and person in the arena, never choosing just one and Woody's beans) which they handled in stride. They also both had some fantastic accomplishments, Sophie and her first solo canter and Harry doing a little jump.

It was fantastic for Harrison just to be participating in an organized group activity and having a good time. I don't know where we'ld be without this amazing farm. It has done wonders for us.

On a personal note, I also want to thank you all for fitting my extra rides with Fleet into the already busy schedule. It was great for me to have that extra time with him.

Korah and Caroline were fabulous as always. Also a special thank you to Celeste who was fantastic with the kids, they love her.

Congratulations for a wonderfully successful camp.